Photo #4 – April 24, 2017

Happy Monday!

I’m still in awe of the beautiful docks, oceans and beaches within driving distance of me. Perks of living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

This is a shot of the big ol’ rusty ship that’s been docked at the Bridgewater shipyard for like forever (? who knows ?)


Photo #2 – April 20, 2017

Day two still going strong!

Unfortunately today was very rainy, dreary and grey – so all the landscape shots I got ended up looking a little dead and drained of colour. Luckily I had a pretty helper with me on my photo-taking adventure, so she gets to be the star of today’s picture!

This is Freya, my boyfriend’s pup. She’s a husky-german shepherd mix who just turned 1 last month. She’s a cutie isn’t she?FreyaBlog2